Why Your Newly Launched Startup Should Be Using Google Ads

Why Your Newly Launched Startup Should Be Using Google Ads

Google Ads are valuable for any startup with any budget. Check out why you should consider starting with Google Ads to promote your startup.

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The marking stratosphere has changed considerably in recent years. Google Ads in particular is one of the platforms driving this transformation. In fact, many argue Google Ads is one of the most effective techniques of paid online advertising.

For newly launched businesses, Google Ads enables you to reach just about anyone who uses Google to search for information, services, and products online. When used correctly, Google Ads has the power to send large numbers of people who want exactly what you’re offering. Here are just several reasons why your new company should be using Google Ads today.

1. Increases Leads and Customers

Google Ads is one of the most effective tools for lead generation. Once you’ve properly set up a campaign, Google Ads has the power to send extremely targeted leads to your website, online property, or opt-in form. This tool lets you concentrate on those searching for what your company provides.

This means you’re able to refine your searches, so you only seek out the people who want to use your services or buy your products by viewing your website through this platform. If you’re swayed already, it’s wise to look into Google Ads management by Repeat Digital. They can take over the task and work with you to really understand your startup and most importantly, create brilliant strategies to drive more enquiries and expand your business.

2. Flexible Marketing Platform

Any individual who regularly uses Google Ads will tell you it’s an extremely flexible marketing channel. Google Ads is suitable for all sizes and kinds of businesses. You’re able to turn internet traffic on and off using this tool. What’s more, it’s compatible with a wide variety of other software systems and marketing platforms.

You’re able to customise campaigns with ease to concentrate on particular types of online users. For instance, you can target customers by location, the kind of device they use, and the Google-owned page they are accessing, such as YouTube or Google Maps. You can also create your own budget for specific areas of a campaign. For instance, you could create daily limits and budgets on the amount you are willing to shell out on clicks for specific keywords.

3. High Return on Investment

Unlike most marketing strategies, Google Ads only makes you pay for ads people click on. Once optimising Google Ads campaigns, prepare to receive a high return on investment. This may not be possible should you use another marketing strategy. Be warned that this will take time and you need to establish what approach suits you and your brand best. To get a better idea of what will provide the best results, you’ll need to constantly test and track your campaigns.

Google Ads is brilliant for this as it’s very transparent. What’s more, the information you require is readily available 24/7. When you find parts of your campaign that provide an excellent ROI, you should focus your attention and budget on those areas. Should a campaign be costing you money, simply discard them. Invest any savings into successful campaigns and ones you’ll test in the future.

4. Fast, Transparent Results

If there is one thing Google Ads is known for, it’s delivering quick, straightforward results and reports of your marketing campaigns. The tool makes it easy to monitor the progress of your campaign. This is because the dashboard has all the detailed information associated with each campaign.

Whether it’s the keywords website visitors enter, the ads clicked, or the costs of clicks, having all this information and data in an easy-to-follow format can help you when making your next decision. These features make Google Ads extremely clear to understand and digest data.

5. High-Quality Traffic Sources

Because of Google’s market dominance and ginormous customer base, this search giant can send companies a huge influx of traffic each and every day (provided the company has the budget for it!). Google prides itself on showing relevant content and ads. The company is continuing to evolve and enhance its search engine algorithms. The goal of this is to produce the most relevant ads and search results.

This has a positive impact on startups and long-established companies that advertise through Google Ads. These ads send high-quality leads and readers to your business website, opt-in form, e-commerce store, and other online assets. The audience Google sends across is more likely to be people that quickly turn into customers, sign up to your email list, request information, or want to find out more about your brand.

It’s evident to see why Google Ads are commonplace in business. Regardless of what industry you’re in or how long you’ve been in the business game, those looking to expand their audience reach can’t go wrong by using Google Ads. Just make sure you use the tool correctly. Once you get the hang of it, prepare for success!

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