Which offer to accept? Suggestions/advice please.

Hi. I could really use some help/guidance on this decision. I went through a layoff (COVID related) at my previous organization. I’m Epic PB certified with about 3 years of experience under my belt. I am also on the way to Cogito certified (remaining is to complete the project/take exam). So I’m in a fortunate situation where I have an offer from a large, established org A for a PB role. The pay is slightly above what I was making previously. I also have an offer from org B from a Clarity/Cogito/BI role with a focus on Revenue Cycle, but it’s from a much smaller org and would require a ~$15K cut in salary. This is a brand new role that they currently don’t have anyone for; they only have a BI person on the clinical side. Obviously I understand that org B would have to invest time and money into me getting certified in things like Clarity Data Model and learning BI tools (I’ve had some limited exposure to it in my previous experience); this org would require a 18 month commitment. I live in a fairly high cost of living area and have a lot of experience within healthcare (8+ years in Financial Reporting), but I’m not shy to taking a salary cut just to learn a new field (as I did with Health IT). I would definitely like to learn more about the database/ETL side of of things and I’m not sure when I would get an opportunity like this to be solely dedicated to BI. I would love to hear some thoughts about future potential about each role and what people would choose (org A or org B) if they were in my shoes. – HealthGameChanger
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