Currently in my third yr majoring in Health Science Informatics. I havent taken any data analysis/informatics courses yet, those are all during senior yr. I’ve taken mostly science, human anatomy, and irrelevant gen ed courses. I took comp sci 101 this fall and I got a B- (I did well on tests, I just missed a lot of hws). Currently at a 3.2 recovering from a terrible freshman yr. My realistic max graduation potential is 3.4, 3.2-3.3 being the most likely result. First of all, I have no idea what health IT or data analysis is other than a quick article about it. I have near no data experience whatsoever, I could concatenate lists and make simple graphs from kaggle csv files. I’ve been at Walgrens part time as a pharmacy technician for 6 months now, looking to get PTCB certified within the next 6. We use Intercom+, a prescription system from the 80s. Becoming a certified pharmacy tech (and/or sterile compounding cert) can help me get into a hospital and get clinical experience while in school. I graduate in 2023, and I plan on applying to grad school for a master’s in applied health informatics. If I dont get in, what is my plan from there? Am I thinking too far ahead? I definitely should take some actual informatics/data courses and graduate first and see how those go.
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