What sort of IT support is needed in-house to support a local server with a LIMS as opposed to a cloud LIMS?

I’ve been evaluating LIMS vendors and most of the ones I’m looking at are cloud, but there’s one option that’s local and obviously a lot cheaper on the ongoing costs. The price includes the server, all applicable licenses, and the LIMS, and they come get it all set up. We pay an annual maintenance fee for them to oversee everything, which is equivalent to the monthly service fee on a cloud LIMS. As much as I love the cost savings, I can’t help but wonder about the sacrifice. There’s no immediate redundancy if a hard drive crashes, we call and open an urgent support ticket and they have backups off-site for us but I guess that puts us down for a couple days. If there are updates, they send a file to us and we load it manually on the server. I asked them what happens if something like a fan breaks and they said they will send GeekSquad or some other local contractor. Is having a critical system like a LIMS hosted in our office considered an accepted best practice in healthcare IT? I would think there would be some consensus around getting solutions like these into AWS with some distributed redundancy and easy scaling, but maybe I’m overcomplicating things.
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