What is the opinion in the current FHIR implementation?.

My company get caught of that some of our service buyers wishes to have a FHIR feature… without having quite much of an idea what they want to do with it. And when i search my field (sleep medicine), i realize that not a lot of people know the existence of FHIR exchange (actually, only one guy knew)… and since only little of us exchange patient data (which is dangerous to do over the internet) and those who do that does it over a file format of .edf for 20 years, and probably will continue doing it that way. just curious to ask, if the whole climate of FHIR is being developed slowly, or is it still a buzzword? thanks (my post get deleted in another newly made account by the autobot Please participate more in the community prior to creating your own post. because i do not want some malicious people to read my comment history and have an idea who i am, which is annoying)
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