What is it Really Like to be a Radiologist

A radiologist, sometimes called a radiographer, is a medical doctor specializing in injuries and illness treatment and diagnosis using radiology tests like ultrasound, X-rays, positron emission tomography, computer tomography, nuclear medicine, and magnetic resonance imaging. To become a radiologist, you have to be trained for three years in medical school, including four years in residency and an additional year or two in the fellowship, which is necessary for every specialized training, including radiation oncology, interventional radiology, or pediatric radiology. Check out Radiology Gold Coast for more information.
If you are finding means to blend your passion for tech and helping other people, then think about being a radiographer where you will spend most of your time running high technological machines to assist doctors in finding out solutions for lifesaving clients. Below are the benefits of being a radiologist.

Unlimited Work Environment

Many radiographers are not limited to small geographical locations or major metropolitan locations. Most of them work in hospitals, and if it does not look appealing, they can easily shift to clinics, outpatient care centers, and diagnostic laboratories. It also offers opportunities to pursue other fields once you become qualified. With credentials for computed tomography, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, bone densitometry, magnetic resonance imaging, cardiac and vascular radiography, and mammography, it becomes advantageous as you get to expand your work environment.

It Does Not Become a Routine

The health center setting’s environment gives a lot of variety and joy from one shift to another as radiologists don’t have particular duties or responsibilities to undertake on the job every day. Each day is dedicated to helping various patients with various imaging needs that are diagnosed, leaving small chances of getting bored.
Radiographers can acquire cross-training expertise in the medical setup and pursue a specialized variety of imaging technology like tomography; this helps with expanding skills preventing boredom on the job. Also, radiography is a good experience as you will be able to put clients at ease by telling them in detail what to expect during tests because undergoing an imaging procedure can make a person anxious, feel uncomfortable or get scared. You will be able to go to work each day feeling energized because, in mind, you know you did a good job that made an impact in other peoples’ lives.

Helps Escape 9-5 Job

Being employed in healthcare gives a lot of advantages over the normal 9-to-5 job, which other people love. It is an institute which does not close their doors or switch off the lights on holidays, weekends or any other day. Sitting in an enclosed area for the whole day and being restricted due to office cultures is not for everyone. For that reason, if you love being flexible, you can take advantage of it and be a radiologist because of the different working hours.

Increased Employment Opportunities

More people will always need more frequent and special medical care because each day babies are born, and the requirement for highly skilled diagnostic imaging professionals will increase. There will be an increase in jobs for radiologists in the coming years and will grow at an average of 9 percent as predicted by The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, leading to the creation of jobs all over. Because of different career pathways, one might consider venturing into the military, primary care clinic, forensic laboratory, government, and many more fields.

You, Will, Be Well Paid

Radiologists are paid well all over the world for their work. According to BLS, in 2017, the median annual pay for a radiologist was $58,440, above the national average pay for all job categories that stood at $37,690. Those who decide to specialize in this field have more earning capability as the work environment plays a bigger role during compensation. Employees earn more than clinical workers on average. Radiographers enjoy more employee benefits besides salaries, such as paid vacation and sick leave, health insurance, and retirement plans.
So if it is the earning potential, the unlimited working hours and environment, increased employment opportunities or flexibility that attract your attention, and many more benefits that have not been discussed above, it is time to begin harvesting the rewards of becoming a radiologist. Trade of the boring and stressful job you are fixated on for a meaningful adventure in a career that will be satisfying in the near future.
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