The need for FHIR is rising strongly as our government already taking steps towards formalizing health information standards in India.
DocEngage HIE StandardsWe at DocEngage have been adapted FHIR years ago during the initial stage of product development for providing strong support on interoperability and information exchange between healthcare systems.
India is behind healthcare IT adoption since last 2 decades and now clinic software, EHR, HMS, CRM, Call Center, Data Analytics, etc is getting more and more prevalent in healthcare organizations. Moreover, the government is moving ahead in #digitalhealth and e-claims for Ayushman Bharat.
Healthcare software’s are easier than ever before, cloud software has come to rescue with greater accessibility, cost reduction moreover with integration capability. These are necessary components to run any growing healthcare organization
But one thing is that communication between IT systems has not looked at that seriously till now, be it systems in hospitals, between hospitals or between government and the hospital.
There was a time, people thought online banking and the digitising bank is impossible. In just 10 years time, we see all kinds of tx can be done online, even the bank person comes to the office to sign the papers. Similarly, the healthcare software also on the verge of digitizing completely and compliances are on the way to enforce it, interoperability is taking huge leap on importance and that is where FHIR has come into the picture.Hospital must care about interoperability while purchasing software.
It is developed by a nonprofit organization called HL7 International. HL7 has created many standards for data exchange in a highly secure manner. The data could be EMR, PHI, or Diagnostic Data, Administrative information.
FHIR creates a standard and base for sharing and exchanging patient health information between professionals or organization using different software. Without such standards, data exchange between these systems will be difficult and has to be custom made for each exchange which leads to huge cost and waste of time. Hence, FHIR has become a standard language in the medical world.
EHR provider like DocEngage has already taken steps in the implementation which will transform HealthIT, moreover to best care for patients.
DocEngage, a digital hospital, comprehensive cloud solution enables advanced health IT systems at your hospital.
We have 5 products to digitize your entire hospital and all departments with interoperability.

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