Webinar – Revenue Integrity in Healthcare: Solutions Driving Payment Performance

How are payment solutions evolving with a changing healthcare economy?

In this webinar you’ll learn:

Key differences and intersections between Revenue Cycle and Revenue Integrity.
The most important solution functions for improving clean claims rate and addressing denials.
The most notable effects of COVID-19 on Revenue Integrity.
How revenue integrity needs change based on the type of user, and what functions are universally needed.

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About the Research

Revenue cycle has and continues to be one of the most difficult challenges in healthcare. These issues manifest in the claims process of submission, appeal, and remittance, but the causes are found much earlier in clinical workflows. Rather than think of these as separate issues, they should all be considered under a broader category of revenue integrity. The latest report from Chilmark Research, Revenue Integrity in Healthcare: Solutions Driving Revenue Performance, reveals a market in flux as traditional billing and auditing activities are now increasingly complicated by contracts that include performance and reporting requirements.

These activities are essential for healthcare enterprises of all sizes, scopes, and specialties. They are needed whether the organization is primarily concerned with fee-for-service (FFS) reimbursement or value-based care (VBC). The ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency has made the need for automation and reduced administrative costs even clearer. With appointment volumes dropping, provider organizations are faced with the need for reliable, accurate payments for their care activities more than ever. These solutions are equally valuable for traditional provider care and for modern virtual care solutions like telehealth.

Join Alex Lennox-Miller as he shares key learnings from the recent research.

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