Views & Perspectives on COVID19 from EHR Leaders

Making Care More Resilient: What have we Learned so Far?

Part of our Lessons from the Pandemic Response series. Join us June 17th at 12pm ET / 9am PT to hear what senior executives at leading EHR vendors have learned from helping clients through the pandemic.

EHR vendors have been providing a wide range of support services to their clients throughout the COVID-19 crisis. As these health IT companies serve a broad swath of provider organizations across the country, both big and small, they have a unique perspective on how the industry responded to the pandemic, what worked well, where were the significant challenges and how healthcare organizations today are reopening their facilities, safely for their patients.

During this webinar, we will delve into a number of pandemic related topics from the rapid migration to virtual care models, to on-the fly development of COVID-based clinical care models, use of analytics for operational metrics, including the staging of elective procedures to changes in patient/consumer engagement models. This webinar will also look beyond the immediate impacts of COVID-19 and explore how COVID-19 will change future care delivery models and what that will mean, not only for the industry, but all healthcare stakeholders.

The format for the webinar is simple – it will be a video Zoom meeting. We hope to create a relaxed atmosphere through this medium for honest, thoughtful exchange between the audience and our EHR vendor guests. While we will have prepared some questions in advance and ask each speaker to give brief introductory comments, our main objective will be to engage you (attendees) in the discussion via the chat feature in Zoom!

Topics Addressed:

What will the new normal look like? What changes are temporary, and what’s here to stay?
What are the most significant ways EHR solutions, and services enabled by EHRs, helped manage the response?
Has technology enabled greater agility for organizations, and if so, how?
What cracks in the system have been exposed that we now know we still need to address going forward?


Dr. Lu de Souza, MD, VP and Chief Medical Officer, Physician Relationships, Cerner

Paul Brient, Chief Product Officer, athenahealth

Dr. Salman Naqvi, MD, MPH, CMIO and Director of Strategic Consulting, Allscripts

John Moore (Moderator), Founder and Managing Director, Chilmark Research

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