Video: Royal Colleges 3.0, delivering best practice as code

For HTN Now November we hosted a session with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, focusing on its Digital Child Growth Assessment programme.
We welcomed Dr Marcus Baw, GP and Software Developer, Dr Simon Chapman, Paediatrician, King’s College Hospital NHS FT and South London and the Maudsley Hospitals NHS FT and Prof Tim Cole, Professor of medical statistics, and affiliation UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health.
The webcast presented the challenges of switching to growth charts in a digital form and the complex maths behind these charts. The team then shared their recently developed application programme interface (API) which is available as open source.
Highlighted in the session the team share their thinking towards ‘Royal Colleges 3.0; a model of developing best practice as code’, to move away from best practice distributed and consumed through PDFs.
Dr Marcus Baw said: “Best practice can be published through an API web service, so clinicians in a particular clinical situation, can have their EPR go and ask the Colleges for current guidance, making it much tighter.”
Watch the session here:

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