Verily’s Onduo Virtual Care Solution Expands to Multi-Condition Platform

What You Should Know:

– Verily’s Onduo, known for its tech-based solution for virtual diabetes management, is launching a new multi-condition platform that matches the right care to the right consumer at the right time. The expanded virtual care platform is designed to support patients managing type 2 diabetes and hypertension, with plans for further expansion into mental and behavioral health.– In addition, Onduo has introduced multi-language support to make the virtual care experience through the app and the care team available for Spanish speakers. This expansion will aim to close the loop in care by helping match patients with the most relevant next step in their care journey and serving up that experience through the Onduo app and care team interactions.

Digital Phenotyping for Personalized Care

The cornerstone of Onduo’s differentiated capabilities is the ability to securely and rapidly evaluate multi-sourced data streams to understand the unique profiles of each individual, or their “digital phenotype.” Through its contracted relationships and member-level user agreements, Onduo is able to access individual-level data based on available medical and pharmacy claims, paired device data, and medication data, along with the individual’s interaction with the Onduo app and care team, the Onduo Advanced Real-time Cohort (ARC) engine builds each digital phenotype.

Through the ARC engine, Onduo can assign personalized messaging, trigger the right clinical outreach, escalate members for a telemedicine visit, and prompt a medication review—all of which is optimized to encourage the right action by the individual, improve engagement, and help support long-term health improvements.

Multi-condition support through one virtual care solution

With this expansion, Onduo supports a broad set of cardiometabolic solutions, including type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, weight loss, hypertension and mental wellness, with plans to add additional conditions in 2021, including behavioral health. The Onduo virtual care solution also includes preventive and well-being support and coaching to help individuals adopt and sustain healthy habits to support both condition-specific and overall health improvements.

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