Using Social Media to Engage Your Digital Donors

Nic Miller is the Director of Marketing at Fundraise Up, an online fundraising platform with the goal of Fundraise Up uses machine learning, human-centered design—and magic to double your revenue. Nic is a marketing professional dedicated to using his strengths in writing and design to grow the good in the world. In his personal life, he is driven by a passion to make education more accessible and better individualized for learners. 

Social media for nonprofits used to mean merely having a presence to keep supporters up-to-date on the work and to promote events and campaigns.

But with the rise in digital donations, especially via Facebook and Instagram, social media is rising as a powerful tool to build relationships with your current donors and attract new ones.

The 2020 Global Trends in Giving Report found that 32% of donors have donated through Facebook Fundraising Tools, and of those, 89% say they are likely to give through Facebook again.

How can nonprofits best use social media to engage these digital donors?

I invited Nic Miller from the online fundraising platform Fundraise Up to talk about online donation trends and how Fundraise Up helps nonprofits use social media to engage and attract digital donors.

You can watch the replay of his presentation and our conversation below.

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