Two Tweets a Day – How to Create Value Over Volume

What would happen if everyone listened more than they spoke? Here’s a thought experiment: If Twitter gave you a limit of two tweets a day, what would you share? How would you rethink what you send?

You would probably consider how you can make the most impact with limited access to your followers.

As Twitter has become more populated we have all become more tribal. And as tribes we identify and collect by pounding and walking to a similar beat. Community has evolved to busy speechifying in hopes of finding a kindred echo and a maybe a desperate shot of serotonin. More tapping creates the opportunity that someone out there will tap back.

But more tapping can be exhausting. As we all know.

With two tweets a day we might think carefully about how we can create more signal than noise. How we can deliver our followers value over volume.

With only two tweets how would you bring value instead of creating more echo?

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