Premed is tough, medical school is even tougher. When you’re trying to transition from one to the other, you’ll soon find that though some things are the same, such as going to classes and labs, others are completely and totally different. While there are plenty of reasons to apply to medical school, you can lose sight of those if you get too overwhelmed. Just remember, you’ve made it this far, and you’re going to make it all the way. 
If you’re gearing up to start medical school in the fall, you’re going to want some tips on how to survive. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place for support. No matter which field of medicine you settle on, you have to get through med school with flying colors first. Read on below for a few tips to help you survive in one piece and start on your way to a career in the medical field you’ve always dreamed of having. 
Go to All Orientation Programs
Your school should arrange for tours, lectures, introductory meetings for students, and other activities over the first few weeks. While you might not think these are important, it’s a way to show your advisors and your teachers that you’re motivated and serious about a career in the medical field. You should also attend any social gatherings that are scheduled as well because it can’t hurt to be friends with fellow students for obvious reasons. 
Keep Up With the Latest Trends
Though you’re just a student in medical school, it’s best to keep up with all of the technology and medical trends that happen while you’re there. Not only will this give you a leg up when you graduate or even in classes, but it can also help you be knowledgeable and have something to talk about with teachers and advisors at social gatherings that you’re all required to attend together. 
For example, keeping up with all the latest and best pathology blogs will give you something to discuss with any scientist that happens to be in the room, and maybe they’ll help you choose the career path best suited for your brand of medical expertise as well. 
Be Willing to Adjust Your Study Schedule
If you’ve been accepted to medical school, then you’ve already proven yourself at being effective during your pre-med years as well. While you may feel that you’ve gotten your study routine down pat, things are a little different in med school with the deluge of information that is thrown at you in a very fast manner. You may have to experiment with a new approach to studying. Make sure that the friends you’ve made are willing to study with you. You can compare strategies and form groups to get more done. 
Never Compare Yourself to Your Classmates
It’s never a good idea to compare yourself to your classmates, as you all are different. Just because you’re in medical school together, doesn’t mean that you’re all going to get the same grades, learn at the same rate, or even study the same way. Everyone is smart in medical school. Everyone is determined, but you’re not all the same. You’ll do well to remember that if you wish to graduate with them. 
These are just a few tips to help you survive medical school. From studying to meeting friends and mingling with your advisors and teachers, these tips will help you make it through and come out on the other side as the medical professional you’re meant to be and have strived so hard to obtain. 
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