Top 2 Reasons, why hospital marketing failing?

Let me tell you ahead, there is no clear guarantee about the results of the marketing and advertising spend the hospital is investing. But We can use proven strategies and tactics to minimize the risk.
In General, hospital marketing, advertising and sales is a completes process. You have huge service & specialty offering and many value propositions with uniqueness compared to your competition. How you bring this million of moving parts to the patient attention and make them choose you! This is why marketing initiative can fail to produce the desired result.
I see so many hospitals marketing failing because

They only focus “general” marketing but not using “direct response” or “Precision Marketing”. (Precision does not mean patient gender or location 😃 it means medical-centric marketing)
They ignore existing patients completely. 😒

When you have a pot with small holes in the bottom and sides, you continue to refill fresh water, what happens then? Hospitals need to Keep & Retain patients maximum possible, and continue to bring new patients is your strategy.
Never Ignore New PatientsYou must invest your marketing spend wisely on new and existing patients. You can go for 70:30 or 60:40.
Forget General Marketing, Focus on Direct and Precision MarketingFocus on New as well as current patients and apply various marketing best practices. Inbound is powerful than outbound. Precision is much more powerful than both of them and also referral marketing.
Precision marketing works on patient medical data as opposed to generic data.
Perhaps the top reason that hospital advertising fails is when “general” advertising is deployed, and not using “direct response or Precision” advertising. The management of the hospital fails to make the difference in these marketings techniques and end up in wasting money and no significant results.
You need a CRM that can enable the hospital in all different marketing techniques in New Patient and Current Patients. DocEngage HCRM (#healthcare CRM) empowers the hospital with best marketing practices and gives the best returns on your marketing budget and yields significant results which no other generic CRM’s can bring in, make you sit confidently in your board rooms. 🙌
“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t Marketing or Advertising” 🙏

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