With ever-emerging developments and discoveries in the tech world, it’s no surprise that industries across the board are affected—even by the smallest of introductions.

In the dentistry industry, there are so many new lines of equipment that can help the business not only go smoother but be less and less invasive as time goes on—and when it comes to the world of dentistry, a less-invasive, less-painful approach is definitely one to be envied as the goal.

In this article, we’re going to go over some of the top new technologies in dentistry that are here to change up not only the face of the office, like at the one of the Boston dentist, Dr. Shapiro, but also all across the U.S.

New Transforming Tech:

Here are a few of the newest tech on the market when that is changing the dental industry:

1. Digital x-Rays: With all the harm of radiation, this one is a definite must-have for the future of health care. You also don’t have to wait for the development of the image. With a digital x-ray, you’ll get the results of the photo almost instantly—and also will have access to more of the photo than ever before.

Being able to zoom into the image helps process valuable information and make confirmation about any possible issues with a patient’s health.

2. Invisalign: Recent to the scene in the last few years, these clear braces are a great option for patients to use when they don’t feel comfortable with traditional, heavy braces. You also don’t have to worry too much about your dental hygiene, since you’re able to remove the braces whenever you would like.

3. VELscope: For easy access to a patient’s mouth, this new tech tool in the field of dentistry can help detect cancer or disease when a dentist is performing an oral screening.

4. Intra-oral camera: Another helpful upgrade in the world of dentistry is this camera that can go into the mouth so your healthcare professional can assess a patient’s oral care much easier.

5. LASER Dentistry: Yes, we’re already so far into the future that lasers can be used in various types of dental procedures and even in the whitening process. This painless, quick upgrade can also help with the cleaning process and create a better environment in the mouth to prevent cavities or other issues.

6. Zoom Whitening: Although you’re familiar with Zoom by now as a form of video chatting and conferencing, this sort of video has nothing to do with that. This is a state-of-the-art treatment where you can see the results in just one appointment—up to eight shades whiter than where your teeth were in the beginning!

7. New Implants: When there is no saving a tooth or if a patient is looking to have a realistic replacement, dental implants can help get the patient the smile they’ve been looking for.

8. IV Sedation: Set to calm a patient down during a procedure, this new type of sedation replaces laughing gas as a much easier way to interact with a patient who is undergoing an invasive surgery or if they have a fear of the dentist.

9. Tooth Decay Removal: The market is coming up with more and more ways to help eliminate tooth decay without all the mess. Ozone is a common, natural gas that dentists are starting to use to effectively kill bacteria and fungus. It can also helpreduce the risk of tooth decay.

10. Detecting Cavities: While on the subject of early detection, there are now newer devices that dentists can use to detect cavities that can help catch them early enough before the cavity expands to the point where a filling or removal is needed.

Changing the Face of Dentistry

With all these new technologies in the field, what the dentist office looks like today might not look the same tomorrow. Even though it can be hard to keep up with the changes, one can only hope that every update and expansion in technology is for the good of both the client and the dentist alike.
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