This is the 2nd job I’m working at now where my “recklessness” with intricate details and #s has led to a major screw up. Now I’ve just concluded working with details & numbers down to the wire just isn’t my cup of tea. It’s not for me. I lack the attention span for it. No matter how many times I tell myself I’ll be discipline, focused, get it together and report clean accurate numbers…. I still find a way to f****k shit up. I’m not fired but I’m thinking of sitting down with my boss and working on an exit plan and leaving. Im not cut out for the small details and accurate number reporting. My attention span just sucks!! I’m more cut out for big picture thinking and not worrying about the tiny details and accurate number reporting. Data and numbers reporting isn’t for me. I’ve accepted it. Such is life. This experience helps lead me where I need to be…. So, What are some paths in HIT where I can just focus on big picture stuff? Right now I’m just thinking I’ll go for A+ and do hardware/tech support, or applications analyst type of work.
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