High-capacity donors aren’t altruistic.

They want something from you just as much as you want something from them.

At a high level, most simply want to find meaning in their lives, and realize the best versions of themselves.

Unfortunately, from their beloved charities, too many only get solicitations.

Folks, they aren’t stupid!

They want something in return for their gifts— value!

And, when they don’t feel like they’re getting the value they want and deserve, they go looking for another charity that might give it to them.

You can make sure that doesn’t happen.

But first, you’ve got to uncover what value they want.

Are you doing that? Or, are you aiming your spray and pray marketing at them based on their transactional data?

That won’t do it!

Find out what they want. Give it to them. Then, they’ll give to your cause in exponential measures.


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