I have been thinking about other CIOs and IT pros looking for new gigs. I thought I would follow-up my last post with another learning from my recent search. Video calls are now a standard part of executive interviews. I want to share a few tips I think make for a good result.

Place your camera at eye level. For me this means simply stacking some books under my Macbook. If you simply put a laptop on a tabletop you get the upshot angle, including a look into your nostrils. Be sure to frame your entire face and shoulders.
Invest in a decent USB microphone. Laptop microphones are surprisingly good, but a high quality USB microphone (~$100) adds some clarity to your voice and that is the most important part of the interview.
Your tendency is to look at the middle of the monitor to see the other party. And you should be looking at them for visual cues. But, you will also want to look squarely into the webcam to create the illusion of eye contact. As you can see in the photo of my setup, I put a sticky on the screen to remind me to look at the camera.
Have an interesting, but not distracting, background. Even a plain wall with a plant to the side creates a more visually welcoming setting.
Dress the part, at least the parts the interviewers can see.

Good luck!

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