The Redox Podcast: Episode 36– Reproduction&Pediatrics pt 3: Dama Dipayana Co-founder & CEO of Manatee

This was such a fun, multifaceted finale to our Reproduction & Pediatrics Podcast series. It’s always interesting to hear how people born outside the US stumble upon our healthcare system. Especially when they make it a point to explore business endeavors within it. Manatee made a splash on the health tech scene in 2019 by winning the HLTH pitch competition, TechStars, and Prime. Damayanti Dipayana, cofounder and CEO of Manatee, gives us a blunt and honest look into some of their decisions and how she manages her priorities while at the head of a fast-growing startup. She hints at an announcement so I’m definitely keeping my ears open for what’s brewing for their future.

Thanks for scheduling time with us Dama!

Now in a virtual setting, you really have to nail your onboarding process and think through how to get providers really excited about using and implementing your product.
Dama Dipayana

Key moments

3:15 Difference healthcare in the US and healthcare in the Netherlands

7:54 Why 2019 was such an explosive hear for Manatee 

10:30 Dama’s vision for Manatee

22:30  Manatee’s workflow and network effects

29:55 Making sure to be clear around IP

31:00 How Manatee has managed the COVID landscape

37:55 3 Ps from the Cult of Dama

42:00 Establishing constraints around productivity

You’ll want to listen to this podcast if you’re:

Someone interested in balancing family life with building a company 
A company interested in establishing a relationship with payers
Trying to figure out how to partner with clinical advisors. 
An early stage startup and want to know if/when to do pitch competitions and accelerators. 
Wandering why Dama chose Manatee as her company name. 
Wanting to know how to say Manatee in Dutch. 

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