For a nonprofit, mastering the art of storytelling helps to raise awareness of your mission, create community connection, and increase engagement with your organization.

Time Magazine published an article back in 2017 by Jeffery Kluger about human behavior and how telling stories makes us human. The art of storytelling has been known for eras by many cultures from across the world. Let’s imagine that you are a member of the Agta hunter-gather community in The Philippines’ Isabela Province and you are trying to teach your child about the importance of empathy, cooperation, and equality. This is where the story of the wild pig and the sea cow comes in… 

 “Odds are, you’ve never heard the story of the wild pig and the sea cow — but if you’d heard it, you’d be unlikely to forget it. The wild pig and sea cow were best friends who enjoyed racing with each other for sport. One day, however, the sea cow hurt his legs and could run no more. So the wild pig carried him down to the sea, where they could race forever, side by side, one in the water, one on the land.” 

So, what does storytelling have to do with your organization? 

As human beings, stories resonate with us. Whether we relate to the story, we learn something or it inspires us, we walk away feeling more connected to the cause. By telling a good story you attract an audience that is curious for more. 

Tips to consider 

  1. Know your audience 
  2. Be genuine and authentic
  3. Engage all senses to enhance the experience and grab attention (video, audio, or written)
  4. Evoke emotions 
  5. Share your story on your website, blog, and social media channels 
  6. Always remember to track and evaluate your success 

Your goal is to facilitate conversations, provide context, evoke emotions that will create a connection like data never could, which ultimately motivates charitable actions. 

We know that getting started with producing high quality content that tells a compelling story can be difficult. That’s why we’re offering a webinar that will walk you through the planning, strategy, process, and promotion fundamentals of great storytelling.

Join us Thursday, May 14th at 11 AM CST for our Webinar: Storytelling for Nonprofits.


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