The Essentials of Health AI in a Post-Pandemic World

What Comes Next for AI in Healthcare?

View webinar recording and download the slides here: The Essentials of Health AI in a Post-Pandemic World – Webinar and Slides.

As leaders of health plans and self-insured companies, you may be faced with critical decisions on how to start the post-pandemic recovery process. Advances in AI can help you stay steps ahead and succeed as you navigate the new normal.

Since early March, next-generation healthcare analytics reveal that people are postponing medical appointments and everything from knee replacements to colonoscopies. In fact, diagnosis of heart disease is down 37%, cancer diagnoses are down 35%, and stroke-related diagnoses are down 38%. Unfortunately, this is unlikely the result of Americans’ improved health status, but rather a precursor to substantial strain to our healthcare system – as patients begin to suffer the consequences of delayed care.

In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

Why AI is essential for second surge and reduced utilization preparedness 
How AI helps organizations “see around the corner” in a post-pandemic world
How to address the COVID-19 data drift 
Ways AI can mitigate the social impact of COVID-19


Susan Athey, PhD, The Economics of Technology Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business 

Colt Courtright, Director, Corporate Data & Analytics, Premera Blue Cross

Linda T. Hand, CEO, Prealize Health

Jody Ranck, DrPH, Senior Analyst, Chilmark Research (Moderator)

This webinar is sponsored by Prealize Health, with guidance and support from Jody Ranck.

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