Teladoc Health, Dexcom Offers CGM-Powered insights to People with Type 2 Diabetes

What You Should Know:

– Teladoc Health and Dexcom announced an expanded
partnership on a new offering measures the impact of continuous glucose
monitoring and real-time health recommendations for people with Type 2 diabetes
at no cost.

Teladoc Health, Inc., the first and only comprehensive virtual care system, and DexCom, Inc., the leader in real-time continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), today announced that joint Livongo for Diabetes and Dexcom members will now receive CGM-powered insights. In January of 2020, Livongo, which merged with Teladoc Health in October, and Dexcom announced the first phase of their strategic relationship, a data-sharing agreement for Livongo for Diabetes members using Dexcom CGM technology.

Expanded Partnership Details

“We are excited to announce the next phase of our relationship with Teladoc Health, along with launching a commercial pilot demonstrating how Dexcom’s leading CGM combined with Teladoc Health’s data science capabilities enhance the diabetes management experience,” said Matt Dolan, senior vice president and general manager of new markets for Dexcom. “We have received powerful feedback from people with Type 2 diabetes using our technology, and through additional innovative product features, we fully anticipate that we will deliver an even greater impact.”

The expanded partnership includes two developments: 

1. Enhanced product capabilities through CGM-powered
insights, a new set of features and reports that help members more easily
visualize their health information and understand how lifestyle decisions
affect their blood glucose levels. By combining Dexcom CGM data with additional signals from
Teladoc Health, including activity data and food intake, CGM-powered insights offer members a complete health profile and recommendations
that support ongoing diabetes management.

2. A pilot program demonstrating the impact of CGM-powered
insights for people with Type 2 diabetes. Eligible members will receive an
integrated product experience including the Livongo for Diabetes program, Dexcom
CGM technology and CGM-powered insights at no cost. 

“Teladoc Health’s partnership with Dexcom further empowers whole person health through an innovative combination of advanced technology and human expertise,” said Amar Kendale, chief product officer of Teladoc Health. “Our focus is to offer a consumer experience that makes it easy, safe and affordable for people to manage their health with confidence. We are excited about our continued work with Dexcom and new features that enable smarter care, leading to measurable consumer behavior change and better health outcomes.”

Why It Matters

It is estimated that 463 million adults around the world
live with diabetes[1],
a number expected to rise to 700 million by 2045. According to the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention, regular physical activity, weight management,
and improved blood pressure management are important factors for preventing
diabetes-related complications[2].

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