Tapestry Analyst – remote contracted pay for ~$70??

I have 2.5 years of experience in Healthcare IT, working mainly in Tapestry. I am a self-taught developer, and I am trying to find a job in web or software dev. Meanwhile, I’m bombarded all the time with offers on Linkedin from recruiters for various Tapestry analyst positions that want to offer $70/hr. That is well beyond what I’ve gotten paid, so I am not sure if it’s legit. However, it sounds like one recruiter thinks I may be offered a position next week. I am working with another recruiter on a software QA analyst II position. It’s at a software company that works with medical documents, and converts them to EMR. This position sounds more aligned to my career interests, but pays similar to my last job. I also have an interview for an app dev position at a manufacturing/automation company. I think I would probably take a pay cut to get into it, but the career advancement opportunities in dev would make up for it in the longrun. I’ve been 5 months without a job; a bit desperate and anxious. Just looking for some sound advice. TLDR: double your pay for contract work, same pay for more interesting work, or less pay to hop directly into what you think you’d like to do for the longterm?
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