Hi! I am currently a credentialed trainer for Epic HIM/Identity and worked data integrity prior to that. A job posted for an application coordinator position in Identity which is a job I have been striving for since I graduated. I have an RHIT and I am just finishing my bachelors in HIMT (will sit for my RHIA eventually though I don’t think it holds that much value in the tech side of things….but i digress) and my concentration is in technology. Can anyone help with my Summary on my resume to really emphasize that I am looking to utilize my technology side of my degree? I took these classes but I haven’t been in a position to actually utilize any of the tech I learned… Programming and Software Development, Database Structures and Management Systems, Data Warehousing and Mining, Data Communications and Networks in Healthcare I have this very general summary already that I made just to try to get through the HR systems” Highly motivated RHIT professional with experience in employee training, coding, chart analysis, ROI, and patient identity. Areas of expertise include working with and problem solving Epic HIM/Identity, Cerner PowerChart and HealthQuest, Hyland OnBase, Vista, and Quickbase. Any advice would be really appreciated. I really want a chance to interview!
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