Stryker Unveils Wireless Hospital Bed with Smart Monitoring Features

Stryker has announced a new completely wireless hospital bed that sports a number of smart patient monitoring features. The ProCuity, which is actually a series of beds that have somewhat varying capabilities, was developed to minimize patient falls, help clinicians to efficiently monitor those that are bedridden, and to maintain connectivity when the bed is on the move.

ProCuity beds include Stryker’s Secure Connect technology that provides a wireless way to connect to nurse call systems. When connected, the beds will stream parameters such as bed configuration, including the position of side rails, exit alarms, and movement to hospital information systems so that important events can be noticed and recorded.

Patients get the benefit of a USB port and cradle, built into the bedside, so that they can use their mobile phones and tablets without worrying about power and where to store the devices.

“Patient safety is at the foundation of everything we do at Stryker. With rising acuity rates leading to increased bed demand, coupled with the continuing challenge of in-hospital falls, we needed to find a solution to further enhance our response to some of today’s most pressing healthcare challenges,” said Jessica Mathieson, VP/GM of Acute Care, Stryker, in the announcement. “Leveraging our long history in innovation, ProCuity is the culmination of years of extensive research and feedback from nurses and other healthcare professionals to create what is truly a ‘brilliance in a bed’ solution. It was designed to improve patient outcomes and assist caregivers for years to come.”

The beds are set at 11.5 inches off the ground, a notably low height for hospital beds. Secure Assist side rails help patients to get in and out, and once the rails are up they stay out of the way so that they minimize interference with other equipment nearby.

To monitor patients, the ProCuity relies on load cell technology to measure patient weight and notify clinicians if there’s unusual movement or positioning, or if the patient has left the bed altogether.

The higher end models of the ProCuity bed series include a powered fifth wheel and a motorcycle-like throttle for intuitive navigation of the bed through a hospital. There are even electric brakes that help to maintain safety. Perhaps there will be bed racing leagues forming soon in hospitals throughout the land.

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Via: Stryker

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