Who are spark and what do they do?

Spark Tech are a company which aim to improve the trust between humans and electric vehicles. This is because there can be erratic display and range fluctuations which happen during test drives therefore holding back EV sales. It is predicted that by 2025 30% of car sales are going to be EV’s so spark tech are improving the technology inside of them. They are creating AI technology which is up to 10 times more accurate than manufacturer solutions. The technology can also add up to 20% more journeying between charges which is very appealing for customers and reduces anxiety.

The solution

To use the solution users just enter their destination into the spark app or satnav which has spark technology and then spark will tell them a personalised route and if they can make it. It also tells them where the charging stations are which can be very useful if they have the EV anxiety.      

Why do people have anxiety with electric vehicles?                                                                                                                  

People have anxiety with electric vehicles because they do not trust many of the electric systems like range prediction. This I because it may run out of battery before they are at their destination and as there are not many charging points at the moment it makes the anxiety even worse.


Growing as a company

Sparks technology has been recognised through a range of partnerships and have been selected for global start up and accelerator programmes. These include the BP/ RocketSpace mobility tech innovation collaborative programme and many others. They have received investment from new Anglia capital and the low carbon innovation fund. The business is also doing extra fund raising to support its growth. Along with this recently spark has announced that David Blair is there new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He will help scale up the business by moving into international markets allowing for more sales therefore more revenue for the business allowing for spark tech to expand.  

Overall spark EV are really effecting the EV market as they are creating products which are really improving trust between humans and EV’s which means sales of EV’s are on the rise.  As there are more EV’s being sold there is less pollution from petrol/diesel vehicles leaving less negative impacts on the enviroment.

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