Siemens epoc NXS Host Mobile Computer Cleared to Help Point of Care Blood Testing

Siemens Healthineers won both EU and US regulatory approval to introduce its epoc NXS Host mobile computer for the epoc Blood Analysis System. The Android smartphone provides an app-based intuitive interface that replaces the older interface that had over two dozen physical buttons and a relatively low resolution screen.

The accompanying app is designed to include suggestions on how to perform various tests and is optimized to get through procedures quickly, particularly in seriously ill patients.

“Effective point-of-care testing requires instruments that deliver quick results, are easy to use, and offer safeguards both for patient security and quality test results,” said Christoph Pedain, PhD, Head of Point of Care Diagnostics, Siemens Healthineers in a press release. “The epoc System with the new NXS Host offers clinical workflow improvements so that frontline healthcare workers can get comprehensive critical care test results quickly and accelerate care for their patients.”

In addition to an improved interface, the epoc NXS Host comes with more powerful processing capabilities and a larger built-in memory, allowing for faster workflows, automatic and secure reporting of results, and consistency during every test.

“COVID-19 created an intense focus on patient and staff safety. Blood gas testing with the epoc System allowed the respiratory team to obtain samples and receive results without ever having to leave the room,” added Patricia DeJuilio, Clinical Director, Respiratory Care Services, Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital. “There was tremendous value in having results within minutes while never leaving the bedside of a critically ill patient and with COVID-19, never having to transport a sample outside of a COVID-19 safe environment, which was of critical importance to maintain everyone’s safety.”

Product page: epoc Blood Analysis System (shown without the epoc NXS Host mobile computer)

Via: Siemens Healthineers

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