Resources for Displaced Healthcare CIOs (and CIO seekers)

Even the best CIOs find themselves unemployed. After being displaced from my 17 year position in 2017 I started my search for my next gig. I found that these firms handle the majority of Healthcare CIO searches:

Rudish Health Solutions [Nancy DeMoss]

Kirby Partners [Judy Kirby]

Witt/Kieffer [Nick Giannas]

Korn Ferry [Doug Greenberg]
B. E. Smith

Additionally, you may want to contact firms that place interim CIOs. During the year it took me to find my next gig I worked as a consultant and an interim CIO. I loved the work and I found it to be adventurous. I also found my permanent role through my interim work.

Starbridge Advisors (good people!) [Sue Schade]

B. E. Smith [Lori Reynolds]

My search experience is that I came very close, without luck, during my 15 month search. Part of success is a numbers game. A lot of it is luck.
Your CIO friends usually have a bunch of stuff happening and could use someone to lead an effort without a lot of direction. So, if you work your network you might find some consulting work while you are waiting for that next gig.
Good luck.

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