Redox, the Apple healthcare knockoff? Not quite.

Whew. It’s the last week of November, Thanksgiving week. There’s still work to be done but we can let our hair down a bit. Last week, Redox hosted our very first Redox Quarterly. It is a brief look into our post-2020 vision in terms of product offering, advancements in customer and community relationships, as well as market predictions from leaders in the industry. Most of the event features Redoxers and guests speaking via Zoom in their homes, which is indicative of Redox’s general remote culture along with the current COVID-common work culture of the US.

Yet whatever homey comfort is displayed by the focused breakout sessions, Luke’s intro is the opposite. A stylish nod to famed Steve Jobs’ keynotes for Apple, Redox CEO Luke Bonney is stationed in an empty, open-concept office space with a life-sized slideshow in the background. Instead of a black turtleneck, he dons a checkered-collar shirt (apropos of the healthcare world) and a gray Patagonia pullover (because, well, tech). At the core, Luke sets the stage for what Redox is outside of Zoom calls and home offices.

Ok, but why all of this?

1. Hindsight may be 2020, but Redox’s foresight is 2021

My penchant for puns aside, this is to say we are beyond excited for what’s bubbling for the coming year. 2020 has been an unprecedented challenge for everybody. Redox is thankful to not only be able to sustain and survive the year, but also to be able to coordinate for the one ahead. Luke’s keynote and the rest of the sessions give an aerial view of what to expect from us and from healthcare in general if you’re watching Niko Skievaski’s session linked here as a podcast. Though there is a lot of concern in every sector about sustainability and growth, Redox is letting our customers know not only are we good, we’re getting even better.

2. Redox is not cautiously optimistic, we’re excited for what’s coming.

In a session fronted by Project Manager Paige Goodhew, customers Mend, Glooko and Carevive showcase their delight for how leveraging the Redox platform simplifies their integration process. In Nijay Patel’s session we take this further to declare our stance on the adoption of FHIR as an industry standard and how we are ensuring our offering withstands the coming changes. George Maclaughlin then outlines how we expand this assurance through our comarketing initiatives.

3.  It is absolutely personal for us.

Sure, Redox isn’t a B2C company. But people do comprise the businesses with whom we do business. The level of quality and excellence that we guarantee our customers flows into how we execute announcements around our offering. We are well aware that our chances of reaching the general populace is *literally* next to none. And that’s ok. This keynote is *literally* not for everyone. But it is probably for you. And that’s the point. We do it for you, because we know (as all businesses should) that our customers are worth that effort.

Redox is ending 2020 on an awesome note. Yet as COVID continues to rage against the machine, we are not purporting to be Shakespearean sooth-sayers. We just know, as we want you to know, that we are prepared. As Luke says in his keynote, “the uncertainty mixed with adrenaline can still be unnerving, but in many more this is exactly what we’ve been waiting for.”

P.S. Want an explicit rundown of the sessions before you check them out? I got you.

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