Redox Integrates Voluntis’ Digital Therapeutics Within EHR

What You Should Know:

– Voluntis forms a strategic partnership with Redox to integrate Voluntis’ digital therapeutics within existing clinical workflows and EHRs.

– Integration of Voluntis’ Theraxium platform with the
Redox Engine used by more than 900 healthcare organizations using 55 EHRs
across the country.

– The first area of this application will be in oncology,
with future extensions in other therapeutic areas. As a result, clinical staff
will be better equipped to serve each patient when they need it most.

Voluntis, a Cambridge,
MA-based provider of digital therapeutics, announced its strategic partnership
with Redox, a Madison, WI-based interoperability
platform for healthcare data exchange. The partnership will allow providers to
automate and adapt insights on their patients’ treatment journey within their Electronic Health Records
(EHR) to enhance care and collaboration.

Redox and Voluntis will work together in an effort to improve
the integration of digital therapeutics as part of routine clinical practice
and enrich EHR data with actionable insights on how patients experience their
treatment at home. Clinical staff will be better equipped to anticipate and
implement responsive care strategies that work to serve each patient’s
individual needs when they need it most.

Enabling Interoperability of Digital Therapeutics with

As part of the collaboration, the two companies will
integrate Voluntis’ digital therapeutics platform, Theraxium, with Redox’
interoperability platform. The new capabilities will benefit all the solutions
developed by Voluntis together with or on behalf of its life sciences partners.

Today, more than 900 healthcare organizations using 55 EHR
vendors trust Redox to strategically integrate digital health solutions into
their day-to-day operations. Through this partnership, the Voluntis portfolio
of products are immediately interoperable with any organization using Redox for
healthcare data exchange to optimize the provider and patient experience.

Why It Matters

“Digital therapeutics are the next disruptive force in the healthcare industry. They offer personalized therapeutic interventions for patients that are configured by their care team and backed by clinical evidence,” said Voluntis CEO Pierre Leurent. “With the collaboration of Redox, we intend to strengthen the ability of our Theraxium platform, and the digital therapeutics it supports, to work seamlessly with EHRs and be a fully integrated component of routine care.” 

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