RecoveryOne, Cigna Offers Virtual Physical Therapy for Medicare Advantage Customers

What You Should Know:

– RecoveryOne, a digital health innovator dedicated to improving health outcomes for recovery from musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries of all types and reducing costs, announced an expansion of its partnership with Cigna to offer its virtual physical therapy and broad MSK solution for Medicare Advantage (MA) customers as an in-network benefit. 

– This new benefit builds on the partnership between Cigna and RecoveryOne announced last year where RecoveryOne became available to Cigna’s employer clients, and was the first virtual MSK-related program offered by any U.S. health plan.  The relationship also includes an investment by Cigna Ventures in January 2020. RecoveryOne is included on Express Scripts’ Digital Health Formulary. 

Why It Matters

This is a significant step in the industry because it targets the population most in need of an affordable, effective virtual solution for MSK conditions –  3 out of 4 adults aged 65+ will suffer from MSK conditions, such as injuries from falls, lower back pain or osteoarthritis. The RecoveryOne solution enables this vulnerable group to recover at home, avoiding the logistics of travel, as well as the safety concerns with in person care due to COVID.  For plans, it’s a cost-effective solution – in one analysis of national claims data from more than 350,000 members, the total medical cost was reduced by $751 per member per month for MSK-related diagnoses. 

“We are proud to expand our partnership with Cigna to improve the overall quality of life, including pain reduction and a return to previous functionality for the Medicare Advantage population,” said Dustin Eggers, EVP and chief commercial officer of RecoveryOne. “We look forward to offering the RecoveryOne platform to additional markets in the New Year.”

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