Questions about first IT job as Client Technology Analyst.

I was referred by an ex-coworker of mine who works in the Hospital’s IT Department to apply for the “Client Technology Analyst” job. ​ Job Description: This position is responsible for supporting the Client Technology deployed throughout the Healthcare System for the utilization of corporate business and clinical applications and workflows. Provides day -day support of technology deployed throughout the facilities. Performs system configuration including the design, building, testing, debugging and installation. ​ I received a call in regard to me needing to get my CompTIA A+ cert within a year if I was given the job and I confirmed that would be no problem. They said they will move my application forward and notify me for an interview date. ​ My current job is at a luxury residential building where I’m the only “IT” guy. I was promoted to this position and was able to create my own title. I didn’t do anything complicated besides work on a basic access control panel, manage the CCTV system, add/remove employees from the employee database, assist with fixing in-house basic computer/software issues, and provide my insight on basic networking or any other Tech related issues that might need to be repaired. I got my knowledge from very basic networking and IT related things from self-teaching and a bit from school since my major is Cyber Security in University. ​ Since this is the first job that I apply to that is in the IT Field, I have a couple of questions as I don’t want to set myself up for failure. ​ 1) I’m not an expert in networking or programming, My IT knowledge basically comes from self-troubleshooting, working on my PC or fixing PC’s at home, and school. Would this basic knowledge be enough to start? ​ 2) Are the Hospitals usually friendly towards people similar to me that are just getting started in the field and need some training? Specially because I’m not sure what softwares they use. ​ 3) If anyone is familiar with the job, what are some things that I can expect for day-to-day jobs?
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