Questions about epic analyst job (current RN)

Hello! I was offered an epic analyst position. I’m excited but there is weekend call involved. Are analysts frequently called on weekends for issues? Do you generally have to be right at your computer or can you be out but easily able to get somewhere with internet access? I currently work 4 days a week, 2 at home, 2 in the office. My current boss is extremely flexible with me, which is nice. However, I don’t make that much for an RN here which is the major downside. There is also no future with my job. It’s pretty much a dead end position. It’s been my need to get away from bedside job, but it’s not my forever job. It’s a pretty easy job (for me) but keeps me busy as there is a large amount of work to do. I do love the technology side of things. I have been using epic for a while and really do like it as a charting system and always have ideas for improvement when I’m working. It’s also a significant pay increase and 100% remote. I do feel this is a field I’d enjoy and could advance in but I’ve never worked 5 days a week and adding on call to that makes it a harder pill to swallow. Any RNs to analysts here? How was schedule adjustment? How did you find getting your certification was coming from a non IT background? Thanks for any insight!
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