Hey All I am doing some research for my job on the requirements of Epic certification. There is one portion of my research that I am looking for further clarification on and hoping you guys might be able to help. My question for you all is about the cost of Epic certification. I understand that the cost is paid by the employer/organization/sponsor and varies depending on what module a participant seeks certification in. From what I’ve learned is that the cost is anywhere between $500 – $10,000. But what exactly is the certificate cost based on? Is it based on training duration? Or is it based on the “difficulty” or “value” or the module a participant is seeking certificate in? If you might have some example of what your employer/organization/sponsor paid for and which module you got a certificate in, that would be immensely helpful. I was also wondering if it is possible for one to do training local, minimizing their stay and travel to the Epic HQ via the Epic Proficiency route, and then take the certification test/project later. Is this a viable option and if so, would this reduce cost to employer/organization/sponsor? Thanks all!
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