By Steve Parker, CEO, Creavo Medical Technologies
Creavo has officially completed the 12-week Philips HealthWorks global collaboration programme, hosted at Philips’ Innovation Hub in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The experience has been invaluable for our business as we finalise development of our device Corsens® and look towards making it commercially available.
Creavo was one of only two European companies involved in the intensive programme which was aimed at exploring future collaboration. We worked alongside a specially selected group of 15 global emerging entrepreneurial companies that are also committed to accelerating breakthrough innovations in healthcare. This gave us the opportunity to learn and share ideas with like-minded organisations and entrepreneurs working in similar areas of health technology.
Working under the leadership of a global medical technology company such as Philips, gave us access to valuable expertise and support from its internal and external experts. We also forged links with its wider innovation ecosystem partners including clinicians, investors, academia and organisational partners.
During the programme, we looked to identify areas for potential collaboration to take Corsens® to the next level. We are pleased that our work within the programme truly demonstrated the potential Corsens® has to significantly disrupt and revolutionise chest pain triage in emergency departments (EDs) worldwide.
As such, we are proud to be continuing our work in collaboration with Philips as we finalise the development of Corsens® as well as other areas of Cardiology.
This collaboration is testament to the hard work of everyone at Creavo and helps move the company one step closer to making Corsens® available to EDs globally, unlocking its potential to aid clinicians in the accurate rule out acute coronary syndromes.
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