Few things test an organization’s mettle more than a global pandemic, and fewer things still can shine as bright a light on that organization’s true purpose. 
Over the past few months, I’ve witnessed the core meaning of the emids tagline, “experience partnership.” Now, more than ever, it’s served as our guiding philosophy, propelling us to become hyper focused on customer success. This is the core culture of emids, and it is embraced throughout the organization. It’s this guiding philosophy and focus on customer success that informs and drives our growth.
Our priorities are to solve industry and customer challenges and to let that drive our growth, as opposed to focusing on growth for growth’s sake. For us, it’s about unlocking value for clients. It’s about helping our customers figure out how to solve their most immediate challenges and most compelling priorities — especially in times of crisis, stress and rapidly shifting market demand — with a combination of the right strategy to attack the problem plus the right capabilities to execute the solution.
Almost always, that means bringing our deepest domain expertise and perspectives from years of engagement with clients to the table to help figure out ways to continue critical digital initiatives despite market uncertainty. Other times it means figuring out ways to front-load savings, deliver creative pricing models, or provide additional teams to help meet increased development demand amid decreasing (or sometimes disappearing) budgets.
Along the way, we’ve learned, adapted and grown. The latest example of that growth came last week with the announcement of our acquisition of FlexTech, an information technology consulting company with deep expertise in leading payer health platforms. It was an acquisition based on our purposeful growth strategy, which emphasizes adding specific capabilities that result in compounded value, both near- and long-term, for our clients. Our acquisition of FlexTech was the ideal complement to our existing expertise, expanding core system capabilities that will better serve our payer and “payvider” clients and bringing that together with emids’ strength in enabling digital transformation. It represents the latest step in our journey to be the trusted partner to help health tech, payers, providers and life sciences navigate and leverage the underlying synergies at the intersection of these industry segments.
Our journey of purposeful growth for emids will continue to be twofold:
Trusting, Consultative Client Relationships
We know from experience that a consultative approach always leads to better solutions. Our focus on consulting-led and design-led engagement models with clients allows us to help shape the solution jointly. The more we can know and understand the big-picture challenges our clients are experiencing, the better able we are to apply the right subject-matter expertise and technology. As the technology landscape shifts, we continually seek organic and inorganic opportunities to onboard relevant capabilities that we can leverage to take to market, drive that trust and drive digital transformation for our clients.
Nurturing a Culture of Growth and Innovation
Our clients constantly look to us for creative and disruptive ideas. We are able to bring those to the table because a.) we have a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and the critical need to address collaboration across the ecosystem to help focus on quality-of-care and cost-of-care priorities and b.) we push ourselves and our organization toward a growth mindset. That cultural compatibility is important to our M&A strategy, too, and an important part of our vetting process, both at the leadership and execution levels.
There’s a lot of talk these days about rising to the challenge of the time and meeting the moment. On purpose and with purpose, this is what emids will continue to strive to do and deliver. Our customers depend on it.
As the Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, Balajee Sethuraman drives the firm’s go to market strategy and growth initiatives, while driving multiple transformation threads to further consolidate emids’ position as a digital transformation leader in Healthcare. Balajee brings over 23 years in driving strategic growth in entrepreneurial high growth settings across the United States and Europe. Balajee is a seasoned technology leader with strong commercial, operations and technology experience, helping scale businesses and pivot business to enable digital transformation. Balajee’s background cuts across Services, Products and Platforms. Connect with Balajee on LinkedIn.
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