I work with a small medical practice that interacts with a lot of radiology places in the area. I’ve discovered that a standard workflow here is for staff to access patients’ imaging – usually on a CD that was mailed to us or by logging into one of many different web portals – and taking screenshots of what they think our providers want to see. In extreme cases this could be up to 150 individual screenshots of different layers of an MRI or CT, etc. These are usually printed to a PDF and uploaded into our EHR. I’ve proposed that we just implement our own PACS to store the studies we’re given. This way our providers have access to the full set of DICOM images and our non-clinical staff don’t need to spend their time trying to copy/paste this stuff from one system to another. Is this a normal route to go? I generally haven’t thought of implementing a PACS somewhere that doesn’t do their own radiology, but trying to manage imaging any other way doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. I know these systems can get expensive pretty quickly. I’ve looked at the open source Orthanc and have an instance running as a proof-of-concept but it’s really not intended as a standalone production system, plus being open source means there’s no formal support I can rely on if stuff breaks.
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