Online tool from Glasgow’s SPHSU explores health impacts of COVID-19

Researchers from the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit (SPHSU), at the University of Glasgow, have created an online tool that helps people explore the wider impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
According to the platform itself, the tool aims to ignite conversations around COVID-19 and inequalities, asking ‘How has the COVID-19 response influenced health and wellbeing across society?’
Tackling a range of issues, stretching from access to food and healthcare, through to housing, mental health, transport, education, relationships, environment, and employment and income, it provides direct and easy-to-read overviews on what can otherwise be complex topics.
The posts and sections illustrate how people have experienced the pandemic and lockdown restrictions in very different ways, highlighting areas of inequality, as well as how the situation has impacted so many areas of everyday life.
Providing links to useful information, blogs and further discussion or reading, and based on research and survey results, the resource is useful for healthcare professionals but aimed primarily at ‘people who don’t have a background in public health’.
Utilising images, stats and text that’s free from jargon, and linking to videos, podcasts and photos, the tool is accessible to a wide audience.
While short polls at the bottom of most pages, which quiz readers on how they feel about topics such as ‘How do you feel about GP appointments being delivered by phone or online?’ provide an interactive element.
As the tool continues to evolve, the SPHSU has put out a call for collaboration, views and input, and is keen to hear readers’ suggestions.
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