Nuffield Health commits to cloud-first approach

Nuffield Health is working with managed services provider, Node4, to move to a cloud-first infrastructure.
The healthcare charity is replacing its legacy infrastructure with a migration to Microsoft Azure cloud and DevOps Managed Services from Node4.
Paul Bryce, Chief Commercial Officer at Node4, said: “Now more than ever, organisations like Nuffield Health need a stable environment to support their customer base. We are working with Nuffield Health to deliver on their commitment for a renewed cloud-first approach that will evolve and grow with the changing demands of their customers.”
“Our goal is to help every organisation we work with achieve further transformational milestones and leverage those technology solutions that will pave the way for vital digital initiatives”, Paul added.
Nuffield Health said the programme has helped to modernise and consolidate digital services on to a cloud platform and ultimately reduce costs.
Ian Edmunds, Head of Digital at Nuffield Health, said: “From initial introduction, Node4 took the time to understand our problem statement, our deadlines, cost constraints, and treated us like a known customer from the get-go.”
“The project went smoothly with a first-time, flawless cutover of all digital services in a single overnight maintenance window. This was thanks to rigorous testing beforehand and through choosing the best options based on Node4’s honest and expert recommendations.”
“We have built this relationship on strong foundations so that we can continue to modernise the platform and save money, while making the service more resilient and reliable.”
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