Northern Ireland adopts health tech to support care homes manage COVID-19

Digital Health and Care Northern Ireland has launched a pilot using technology from Inhealthcare to support residential care homes provide an overview of the health status of residents during COVID-19.
The new service supports care workers to identify residents at risk and who may require clinical assessment. A digital questionnaire in an app is completed each day to outline any signs and symptoms associated with COVID-19. This data can then be viewed by community-based health care teams, such as district nursing and Enhanced Care at Home.
If any responses fall out of the range set for the resident, clinicians are alerted so they can intervene in the care of the individual and respond with appropriate support.
The technology has been tested in a small number of care homes with approximately 45 residents being monitored daily.
Claire Büchner, Assistant Director from DHCNI, said: “This is a proactive and anticipatory approach to supporting care homes and should certainly be considered as part of a care pathway. It will provide assurance to residents and their relatives that care workers are being supported by health professionals.”
As the pilot projects began, Chief Nursing Office, Professor Charlotte McArdle said: “I am very supportive of this important piece of work and how it is developing. It will be reassuring to residents and relatives that a timely response to healthcare needs will be available.’
“Combining the ability to record observations through a digital platform with responsive clinical nursing assessment will add a new dimension to the provision of nursing care and treatment available to residents who develop healthcare needs in residential care homes.”
Bryn Sage, Chief Executive of Inhealthcare, said: “We are delighted to be working with Digital Health and Care Northern Ireland and HSC Trusts to support the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people. We have been very impressed with the highly compassionate, forward-looking and competent response to the pandemic in Northern Ireland.”
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