Nonprofit Leadership: Are you ready to be more powerful, productive and persuasive?

This year has been crazy and only seems to get crazier. You survived the first wave of Covid panic, the second wave of Covid panic and an election only to be confronted by more dire Covid predictions. It seems the future is getting more and more uncertain each day.

As a nonprofit leader, you may be feeling a deep sense of overwhelm or dread at what the future holds or feel like the more you try to get certainty and control over your future and the future of your nonprofit, the more elusive it seems.

I hear you. The level of weirdness seems to get higher and higher, with no end in sight. It is all you can do to care for your nonprofit staff, donors and clients much less care for yourself.

If you are feeling burned out, bummed out and stressed out, there’s a way out.

Start 2021 knowing you can lead with confidence in any circumstance. Learn how to manage yourself and others more effectively so you can get more done with less energy, create the support system you need and deserve, and lead effectively NO MATTER what this weird world throws at you. Join the January edition of the Up Level Your Influence course!

This course is for nonprofit leaders (ED’s, senior level staff and board members) who want to lead more effectively and easily. It is for people like you who want to do good in the world, and know you are going to need to show up bigger and better than ever to meet future demands and challenges. This course is for those who want to learn the art of INFLUENCE, because if you have influence, (meaning the ability to get people you have no authority over, and sometimes those you do, to do what you want) everything is easier: fundraising, marketing, board member relations, partnerships and collaborations. There is no aspect of your work that will not be made easier and more effective by learning influence.

Here’s what nonprofit leaders just like you have to say about how they are leading more effectively, getting more done with less stress, building relationships with donors and gaining more productivity with staff.

It has been deeply satisfying as board chair to participate with our executive director in this “Influence” course. Maryanne is masterful at bringing leadership concepts to the group, and she also shows us their practical application in our organization. I highly recommend that board members and executive directors participate together and share/leverage the powerful influence they can have on their own organization.
Christy Beckmann, President
Big Muddy Dance Company

I used the tools you gave me to speak with one of my donors and it WORKED. While we didn’t make a decision right away we built lots of ideas together and she’s made a commitment/we set a date to circle back in January. WHO KNEW THAT JUST ASKING PEOPLE WHAT THEY THINK IN AN OPEN ENDED WAY WORKS MAGIC!
Jennifer Matotek, MA, MBA
Executive Director, Art Gallery of Windsor (Ontario)

Maryanne teaches people how to be confident in their ideas, beliefs and themselves in order to make change in their organization. You will strengthen yourself from the inside with confidence, understanding, and awareness, so that you can strengthen your organization and the world around you on the outside.
Tasmyn Scarl-Front, Executive Director
Challenger Learning Center

One of the primary gifts of my experience in Maryanne’s Influencer course was the realization that influence is primarily the result of attentive and attuned listening — who would have thought that how one experiences being heard might be the primary driver in whether/how they might be influenced…to say nothing of experiencing themselves as influential?
Corey Quinn

I am a more confident leader to my staff and board because I am more conscious of the energy I bring into the room and how that energy can create a more productive atmosphere. I also am mindful of the language I use and now I am speaking in a more powerful way. Having my board chair in the course gave a different perspective to how the content related to our organization and we could follow up and discuss how to implement those tools.
Erin Warner Prange, Executive Director
The Big Muddy Dance Company

Ready to head into a new year with a new perspective? Set up a time to chat with me and see if this course is right for you. I promise, whatever you decide, our conversation will give you insight and tools so you can start being more influential TODAY. Can’t wait to meet you and talk!

Maryanne is founder and CEO of Courageous Communication. She works with nonprofits to grow their influence and leadership so they can be more productive, powerful & persuasive and stop feeling rejected, ineffective or pushy. She is author of Courageous Communication: how codependence is making your nonprofit brand boring and what to do about it and creator of Up Level Your Influence training for individuals and organizations. She is leading a movement to change “nonprofit” to “human investment company” to accurately reflect the contributions of the sector. She’s known for her love of ultrahigh heels, extra-large Diet Cokes, and short karaoke rotations. If you want to learn how to build your influence and leadership, connect with Maryanne for speaking or training.