Nonprofit Fundraising: your fundraising is being done by a child

Your nonprofit’s fundraising is being done by a child.

Wait, what? Who sends kids to do the fundraising for a nonprofit?

No one intends to this, and it is exactly what happens.

Your money mindset was formed before you were seven years old. And the stories implanted on you then are still alive in you today and dictate how you think and feel about money, how much you will have and how much you will raise.

Your subconscious, the worker bee of your brain, drives your relationship to money and really anything else. For this blog post, I will focus on money. The subconscious doesn’t think, it just does. There is yes or no, no maybe or thought. And this is 70 to 90 percent of our brain, depending on the source. It’s a big chunk.

Most thoughts you have are from your subconscious, which was hard-wired in you as a child. So whatever you thought about money then is how you are thinking about money now.

Unless you understand your money story and work to reframe it, you will be making decisions from the subconscious perspective.

This is why generating income, especially in fundraising, is hard. It creates triggers in our brain that send us back to the safety of our subconscious.

The thoughts that keep generating your brain create your messages that then shape your reality. You are constantly hypnotizing yourself by your thoughts and words.

“No one is giving right now.”

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“It takes money to make money.”

“It is not a good time to ask for money.”

“I am sure they have been asked already.”

When you say things like this, or hear others say them, they are sharing a money block or fear that is deeply rooted in them. This is why scripts, templates, charts or programs don’t work. They don’t address the mindset.

Your thoughts shape your words that create your reality. If you want a different outcome, change your thinking FIRST.

Why do you often default to scripts, tools or props to help instead of going deep? First, we are taught that action fixes problems, that the answers are outside of us. Second, getting into the feelings of fear and rejection around fundraising can feel icky. It is easier to avoid them.

What happens is, the fundraising continues to be hard, frustrating and unproductive.

I designed my course Fearless Fundraising to teach you how to understand your money mindset, then identify your organizations money mindset, and give you the tools to change it in yourself and others. This course will transform your fundraising and your life. If you are mired in scarcity (there’s not enough money, no one will give, we can’t ask again) or your board is saying those things, this course is for you. You will have more money in your personal life, raise more money with ease and help others do the same. You will learn to master your emotions and be able to ask for what you want without feeling rejected, ineffective or pushy.

Don’t let that kid do your fundraising. Create conscious choice around the thoughts you choose so that you can raise more money.

Here’s info on the course, it starts September 8. Still not sure if this is right for you? Book a time and we can talk about it.