Nonprofit Communications 101 [Free Online Course]

If you are new to either nonprofit work or communications work, then we have a FREE online, self-paced, video course for you in our new Learning Center.

During Nonprofit Communications 101, you will learn about:

  • The Five Stages of Communications Effectiveness
  • Quick and Dirty Marketing Plans
  • Engagement Communications
  • Fundraising Communications
  • Website Best Practices
  • Mindset Shifts

You can also download our very popular e-book The First 100 Days of Your New Nonprofit Marketing Job.

The entire course is free. You just need to sign up for a Free Membership to our Learning Center.

(If you already have a Free Membership with us, then you can access this course on your Student Dashboard. If you don’t see it right away, you can always use the search bar to find whatever you need!)

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