New sensor launched to diagnose sleep apnoea

A project supported by the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London and £4.8M investment, has this week launched a new sensor said to diagnose sleep apnoea and associated sleep disorders using a device that sits on your chin.
The device, Sunrise, is a certified medical smart sensor, to offer results equivalent to the polysomnography used in laboratory conditions, the researchers said.
The sensor is shipped to a user to then place on their chin ahead of sleeping. It records data to understand their sleep disturbances and connects them through the app to a certified sleep physician for any action required.
Dr. Jean-Benoit Martinot developed the sensor following over a decade’s worth of research, aiming to make professional medical grade sleep tests accessible to everyone.
Laurent Martinot, CEO and Co-founder of Sunrise, comments: “We are excited to launch into the UK, which is known for its early adoption of innovative and industry leading medtech solutions. Sleep apnoea is a major health issue today with studies having concluded sleep disordered breathing concerns affect 49% of men and 23% of women aged 40 and above, as published in The Lancet.”
“The problem is that the condition remains 80% undiagnosed and untreated sleep apnoea is linked with serious health problems such as hypertension, heart failure, stroke or diabetes.”
It costs £49 for a 1 sleep test.
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