National Heart Month: addressing global health challenges through innovation

In recent years there has been a hugely concerted effort among medical technology companies, policymakers and the global cardiology community to tackle the prevention and treatment of heart disease. Despite these advancements, coronary heart disease remains a leading cause of death globally and in the UK.
We are living through one of the most uncertain times in recent history. In the UK, despite the largest ever NHS funding package being pledged, the service is hugely stretched – resulting in record A&E waiting times among a host of other challenges.
The British Heart Foundations National Heart Month provides an opportunity to acknowledge these challenges when it comes to the nations heart health. At Creavo, we understand that innovation plays a pivotal role in helping to resolve these challenges – aiding clinicians in complex clinical settings and improving patient care.
Our innovative medical device, Corsens®, has the potential to help address the huge strain that chest pain patients place on emergency departments. Once available we believe it will be an invaluable aid to help healthcare professionals quickly rule-out acute coronary syndrome (ACS) in those presenting to emergency departments with chest pain of suspected cardiac origin – helping to free up emergency department resources.
Corsens® is one of many innovations being developed across the globe that can help to transform heart health. From smartwatches that automatically call for help from those who are CPR-trained, to implants enabling personalised heart failure treatment, innovative solutions and technologies are rising to the challenge and contributing to the fight against deadly cardiac conditions.
It is crucial now that the large number of research studies seeking to address these challenges in cardiovascular medicine are supported and translated into clinical reality quickly.
To do so, we must work together as a wider industry. Working with experienced partners, as Creavo has done in our ongoing collaboration with Philips, facilitates sharing of transformative ideas and expertise, and ultimately brings innovative ideas into the real world more quickly.
In the meantime, we must continue to raise awareness of the known risk factors for heart disease among the general public. Prevention can help improve overall heart health and increase survival rates whilst disruptive and transformative solutions are developed.
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