Looking Forward 2021: Revenue Cycle Management

Trends to Look Out For

Outsourcing consideration to manage staffing impacts that resulted in layoffs.
Revenue recovery related to COVID-19 expenses.
Reimbursement protocols to support expansion of telehealth utilization.

Innovations to Know

Financial experience solutions to support patient collections.
Enhanced solutions to support coding and documentation creation and capture.
AI solutions that automate basic functions or enhance staff efficiency.

You Don’t Want to Miss

The Center for Connected Medicine has launched a program exploring innovation and key health technologies in the era of COVID-19, looking at the future of digital health. The program focuses on topics such as:

Strategies to address the issues with total revenue cycle outsourcing.
Increased utilization of RPA – robotic process automation to reduce labor costs and increase efficiencies.
Utilization of predictive analytics for all phases of the revenue cycle.

Upcoming Industry Events

The Center for Connected Medicine, Top of Mind Virtual Summit
The Summit was on December 9, and included expert speakers, actionable insights, and unvarnished discussion on the following topics:

How health system leadership are managing in a time of uncertainty and evolving political, economic and social conditions.
Insights into the future of digital health and innovation priorities.
How telehealth and AI will advance in the coming year.
Outlooks for reimbursement and new models of care in a changing health care landscape.

Make Revenue Cycle Management your focus. Contact our experts to get started.

Keith Olenik, Pivot Point Consulting Vice President VP, Revenue Cycle Management, has over 35 years of experience working with healthcare organizations as a member of executive leadership and as a consultant. He has an extensive background in regulatory compliance with a focus on technology, documentation, reimbursement and legal requirements.
Keith specializes in methods to streamline business operations, evaluate and implement information technology applications, and enhance productivity through process improvement. He has been a speaker at national meetings for HIMSS and AHIMA as well as being a contributing author to several books, journals and other publications on a variety of topics. He is currently serving as Chair of the Council for Excellence in Education for AHIMA and is also a member of HIMSS and HFMA. He is certified in healthcare privacy (CHP).
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