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“What the A”?: There’s an increasingly diverse spectrum of clinical and business affiliations in healthcare – and we should expect this innovation to continue. While traditional merger and acquisition activity continues – and is on the rise, there are other affiliation, joint ventures, and partnerships also on the rise. Additionally, the business partners models are drastically changing.

Be Standard, Be Flexible is Not a Contradiction: Even as the spectrum and landscape of M&A and partnerships grows increasing complex, leading healthcare organizations are seeking to drive IT standardization and efficiency in their execution. In some cases, organizations have completed one or more transitions and partnerships without a consistent framework of governance, guiding principles, processes and controls. Going forward, HCOs will need to establish and execute a programmatic approach to their M&A work. They will also need to plan for case-by-case flexibility and innovation. Business arrangements, geography, services scope, legacy systems, financial position, and organizational change capacity, are but some of the factors that will determine each acquisition, partnership, and affiliation strategy and execution.

For an in-depth look at the top trends in M&A, check out “Essential IT Considerations” on the Pivot Point Consulting blog.
You Don’t Want to Miss

Check out Healthcare Finance News’website for up-to-date information on M&A Activity.

Upcoming Industry Events

The Health Innovation & Investment (HI2) Conference in June 2021 has a lot of M&A topics slated to be presented on.


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