Looking for feedback on a hospital pricing API

Hi all, I’m working on an API that will allow users to obtain procedure costs at different hospitals programmatically with python. The API will allow users to:
Pull cost for a given procedure based on HCPCS code, provider description, or provider’s internal charge number. Run a query to return a list of all procedures at a hospital and associated costs. Run a query for a given HCPCS or description to get a list of all costs at various hospitals.
I aim for the API to work as follows in Python: Input: import ratesAPI hospital = ratesAPI.Hospital.RetrieveByName( ‘Banner Lassen Medical Center’) selectedProcedure = hospital.Procedure.SearchByName(“X-Ray, Chest”) print(selectedProcedure) Output (returns a list of procedure objects): [{ “providerID”: “1001”, //ID of Hospital “providerProcedureID”: “1380320840”, // Charge Number of Service at Hospital “providerDescription”: “X-Ray, Chest, two views”, //Description as defined by hospital “providerRate” : “445.00”, //Cost of Service “HCPCScode”: “71046” },…….] Question: Would this be valuable to anyone and if so, how can I improve upon it?
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