LifeWorks Acquires Breaking Free, Digital Substance Use Disorder Treatment Platform

What You Should Know:

– LifeWorks, a provider of comprehensive mental health, digital and in-person total wellbeing solutions, today announced the acquisition of Breaking Free, a provider of evidence-based behavioral health SaaS solutions for substance use intervention.

– The addition of Breaking Free’s solution in substance use intervention to the LifeWorks platform will result in further enhancing the mental health service clients can seamlessly access through the LifeWorks wellbeing platform – a leading solution for integrated digital treatment for co-occurring mental health concerns

Why It Matters

The Canadian Mental Health Association estimates that five percent of the world’s population has used an illicit substance. More than six million people in Canada, 20 million people in the United States and approximately 10 million people in the United Kingdom have a substance use disorder (SUD) – all with limited options to access affordable care.

Today’s acquisition supports the strategic direction to grow the capability offered by the LifeWorks platform and enhances the mental health and total wellbeing offerings to care for individuals that need support for both substance use and other mental health concerns. This acquisition will accelerate LifeWorks growth, over time, by adding substance use solutions to its platform and making these available to the more than 25,000 client organizations that already rely on LifeWorks mental health and wellbeing services.

Post-Acquisition Plans

LifeWorks and Breaking Free will continue delivering uninterrupted support to Breaking Free’s clients in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, spanning public health agencies, treatment providers and correctional facilities. Expanding into the addiction treatment market is a strategic priority for LifeWorks, allowing the company to bolster its mental health capabilities and expand its solutions across the continuum of care.

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